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Wet Bulk Supply Chain

Since early 1990s, Aurora Tankers has been involved in the wet bulk shipping business and over time, evolved into a highly successful sea-borne chemical logistic company. From mid-2000s, IMC has also established a strong foothold in the Chinese domestic chemical shipping business. We operate through our joint venture company, CSIC-IMC, in China.


Today, we manage one of the largest Asia-based fleets of coated and stainless steel chemical and product tankers, operating on the major global and intra-Asia trade routes.

With a long and sterling track record that includes meeting the safety and reliability standards of oil majors, our strong brand name is widely recognised in the market. Our established customer base includes major oil and chemical companies, national producers and traders.

We work with our customers to develop and implement customised, cost-effective logistic and/or supply chain solutions that will enhance their competitiveness in a chemical market that is experiencing changing supply and demand dynamics. By leveraging on our wealth of experience, on-the-ground presence in major Asian markets (including China), Middle East and USA, sizeable fleet of chemical/ product tankers and agility to adapt to market changes, we can develop customised solutions to meet our customers’ unique requirements and challenges.

Our Services & Assets


Our offices in major international locations including Singapore, Shanghai, Houston and Dubai, enable us to provide timely and efficient services to our global customers operating in the different time zones.

Our proximity to our customers also enables us to stay close to them and continuously support their businesses. We work collaboratively with them to define their needs, and customise innovative and sustainable logistic solutions to help them stay ahead of the challenges in a dynamic market. Over the years, we have built sustainable long-term partnerships with our customers.


As a leading international logistic player for liquid cargoes, we serve many trade routes including the following:
. Middle East to-and-fro Far East
. US Gulf to-and-fro Far East
. North Asia to-and-fro South East Asia including China-Taiwan cross-strait services
. Chinese coastal areas and inland rivers


With two decades of experience serving global customers and operating in the wet bulk sector, we are able to utilise our extensive experience and deploy our resources to provide source-to-destination chemical distribution and transshipment services from international locations to ports across China and other parts of Asia.

Shipping Services and Assets

Aurora Tankers specialises in medium-long haul trade routes from Middle East and USA to Asia whereas CSIC-IMC specialises in short haul parcel tanker business spanning coastal China, North Asia and South East Asia.


Today, we own and/or operate a sizeable chemical/product fleet that ranges from 4,000 DWT to 45,000 DWT to meet varying customer requirements. This fleet comprises coated and stainless steel vessels with IMO2 capability. As a progressive logistic player, we constantly rejuvenate our fleet.

Our services include the following:
. Contract for Affreightment (COA)
. Time and voyage charters
. AT Chemical Tanker MR Pool offering increased commercial coverage and cost sharing for higher returns to Pool Members

Logistic Services
Through our extensive network, we constantly monitor the energy and petrochemical terrains for changes and developments, including supply and demand dynamics worldwide with a special focus on Asia. We want to be an enabler to help our customers effectively manage their logistics in the face of changing market conditions and trading patterns.

IMC is developing a supply chain for crude palm oil to integrate our investments in the palm oil plantations in Indonesia with the market.

Depending on customer requirements, we can collaborate with our strategic partners to help customers manage and integrate various parts of their supply chains to come up with “door-to-door” solutions involving tank farm, transshipment and local distribution.

Our IMO 2 compliant vessels can carry many different products.
. Bulk chemicals such as methanol, glycol, methyl tertiary butyl ether, acrylonitrate, ethylene dichloride, styrene monomers
. Benzene, toluene, xylene
. Caustic soda
. Clean petroleum products such as gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil, naphtha condensate
. Vegetable oil such as sunflower oil and soybean oil
. Palm oil

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