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Dry Bulk Supply Chain

Dry bulk supply chain is one of our key business segments and our commitment to serve the needs of Asia’s rapid economic growth and industrialisation. We focus on the major trade routes that supply coal and iron ore to the fast growing economies in Asia.

We help and partner with our customers to develop and implement customised, cost-effective and sustainable logistic and supply chain solutions that will enhance their competitiveness in a dynamic market.

Our comprehensive suite of logistic services span the entire supply chain from source to market. We provide services that comprise barging, ocean shipping, transshipment, ports, stockpiling, blending and local distribution through our offices, joint venture companies and strategic alliances in different parts of the world. We handle many different commodities that include coal, iron ore, grains, fertilisers and general cargoes. Being involved in the coal and iron ore trading, our trading arm is also able to help customers source for these resources globally.

To ensure better control over the logistics and thus operational efficiency, we invest, own and/or operate a number of critical assets such as ports, stockyards, floating loading facilities, dry bulk carriers of different sizes, and tugs and barges. Many of these are mobile assets that can be deployed to work in different parts of the world, even in challenging terrains. Our infrastructure investments are also a testament of our commitment to provide the best logistic services.

We bring our wealth of maritime experience and expertise to serve our global customers. Our established customers include major power plants, steel mills, coal and iron ore producers, fertiliser and cement plants, and small and medium-sized industrial users worldwide.

Our Services & Assets

IMC operates from many different parts of the world, particularly Asia. From our offices, joint venture companies and strategic alliances in Australia, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea and Thailand, we are able to provide our global customers with timely, efficient and sustainable logistic solutions that are customised to meet their needs.

We listen to our customers – their business plans, requirements and challenges. We provide them with one-stop solutions to their logistic and/or supply chain needs by drawing upon the breadth and depth of our maritime expertise and experience that reside in different parts of the Group.


We are a leading dry bulk shipping service provider for more than half a decade. We ply the international waters with major trading routes in the Asia-Pacific, and also serve markets in South America and Africa, focusing on major and minor bulk cargoes. Read more…

TRANSSHIPMENT AND BARGINGOur industrial logistic operation in Indonesia provides barging and transshipment services for coal logistics in Kalimantan, Indonesia.
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We invest, own and operate strategic ports with stockpiling and blending facilities in China through our joint ventures. They cater to Asia’s industrialisation by focusing mainly on the resource needs in the Yangtze River Delta, Bohai and Zhuhai regions.


TRADINGOur trading arm focuses mainly on commodities such as coal and iron ore that are essential in supporting Asia’s rapid growth. We source for coal and iron ore globally, which is integrated with our blending, stockpiling and logistic services to offer customised products to our customers.

COAL AND IRON ORE SUPPLY CHAINSChina’s rapid industrialisation requires a large amount of resources such as coal and iron ore that come from both domestic and international sources. As part of our strategic approach to support Asia’s industrialisation, we have integrated our different dry bulk related businesses into an integrated supply chain to provide our customers with cost effective source-to destination supply chain solutions that are customised to meet the needs of the market.

Currently, our two major supply chains are
as follows:
  • . Coal supply chain
  • . Iron ore supply chain

Depending on customers’ requirements, we are able to customise supply chain solutions to meet their needs. We also work with our strategic partners to provide the entire supply chain services.